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Taberna El Rincón de las Beatillas
Plaza de las Beatillas 1, 14001 Cordoba

This tavern belongs to Cordoba’s most traditional eateries. Opened in the early 20th century, the Rincón de las Beatillas welcomed famous Spanish writer Federico García Lorca in 1935. The house preserves the air of the past even today.

Since the actual proprietor Antonio Sánchez Salamanca undertook the task of developing the tavern in the late 1980’s, the house underwent three major renovations in order to protect the original construction and to revive its historic character. The tavern has various dining rooms which are - as common with Cordoba architecture - grouped around a central patio. Worth mentioning is the traditional decoration featuring bullfight themes.

El Rincón de las Beatillas is located in the heart of Cordoba’s folksy San Agustín neighborhood, which is famous for its long-standing tradition promoting local festivities such as Carnival, Easter week or the Patio Fest. Also, this is the place, where the Viana Palace and several of the so-called Fernandine Churches, including San Agustín, San Lorenzo, Santa Marina and San Andrés, are found.

Anyway, it is not only the folksy atmosphere of the tavern reflecting the character of the entire neighborhood, that makes it so popular with locals and visitors to the city. It is also about the authentic taste of the Cordoba cuisine. Among the specialties of the house, oxtail, deep-fried fish varieties or the Iberian pork from Pedroches Valley are outstanding.


Additional Information

Average price level: 12 €
Cuisine: traditional cuisine of Cordoba


Taberna El Rincón de las Beatillas
Plaza de las Beatillas 1
14001 Córdoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 48 33 36
Email: elrincon@tabernabeatillas.com
Web: www.tabernabeatillas.com



Tuesday - Saturday
12 Noon - 4 pm
8 pm - Midnight

12 Noon - 4 pm


Credit cards accepted
Separate Dining Rooms
Accessible for the Disabled
Bullfight Decoration


Palacio de Viana
Iglesia de San Agustín
Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Fuente de la Piedra Escrita
Iglesia del Juramento de San Rafael

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