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Taberna Plateros
C/ San Francisco 6, 14003 Córdoba

Nestled in an enchanting neighborhood in central Cordoba with winding streets and whitewashed walls, the Plateros tavern has been welcoming guests for decades.

Historic places such as Plaza del Potro Square, the Posada del Potro Inn (known from Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote) and the home of the famous Cordoba painter Julio Romero de Torres, which today is a popular museum, are located in urgent vicinity of the tavern. By the way, in his lifetime, Torres was a regular guest here.

Opened in 1872, the tavern has been operating without cease. It is harbored in a typical old town house from that time and is a popular spot for locals as well as for tourists.

Taberna Plateros serves traditional plain cooking, including famous Cordoba style dishes such as Salmorejo (cold tomato cream), oxtail, Flamenquín (breaded pork roll stuffed with Serrano ham) and a large variety of deep-fried fish.

The tavern has an own wine cellar providing renowned Montilla Moriles wines. Even the Montilla Moriles control council (consejo regulador) recommends this eatery.

The tavern has space for up to 100 guests. There are several private rooms around the central patio. These rooms may be reserved for groups of travelers or to held private birthday parties, business meetings etc.

Additional Information:
Average price level: 8 Euros
Cuisine: traditional plain cooking

Taberna Plateros
C/ San Francisco 6
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34)
957 47 00 42
Email: tabernaplateros@hotmail.es
Web: www.tabernaplateros.com

957 47 00 42



8 am – 4 pm und
8 pm – Midnight
Closed on Sunday evening and Monday (Winter)
Closed on Sunday (Summer)

Credit Cards accepted
Private Rooms
Accessible for the Disabled

Museum Julio Torres
Plaza del Potro Square
Posada del Potro Inn
Museum of Archaeology
Corredera Square


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