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Taberna La Bodega
C/ Alhaken II 6, 14011 Cordoba

The La Bodega tavern ranks among the most classical eateries of Cordoba. Being located in the center of the city, adjacent to the Colón Hotel, it is famous for its authentic bullfighting ambiance.

Bullfighting placards, trophies and photographs, as well as beautifully arranged large wooden barrels provide a special atmosphere and are an appropriate frame for enjoying the fine Andalusian cuisine being served here.

Guests are recommended to try specialities such as pickled anchovies, oxtail or the authentic Bellota ham. Another delicacy of the house is the so called Salmorejo - a cold served tomato cream.

Over the years, La Bodega welcomed renowned personalities from the world of bullfighting, including famous bullfighters such as Finito de Córdoba, José Luis Moreno and Pepín Liria.

Furthermore, world-famous Flamenco-performers like José Mercé or Enrique Montoya and many other artists have been among the guests right here at La Bodega.

Additional Information:
Average price level: €15
Cuisine: traditional Andalusian cuisine and meat and sausage specialties

Location, contact:
Taberna La Bodega
C/ Alhaken II 6
14011 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 48 62 11
Email: javichamorro26@hotmail.com

957 48 62 11



11 am - 5 pm and
8 pm - 1 am

Open every day.

Credit cards accepted
Air Condition
Bullfighting ambiance

Central Railroad Station
Bus Terminal
Roman Mausoleum


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