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Protected by the Sierra de Rute mountain range, the small town of Rute arises from endless seeming olive groves. With many thematic museums, the town is well recognized beyond the region of Andalusia. Christmas is one of the key topics here, which earned Rute the nickname “Christmas Village”. Especially towards the end of the year, but not only then, visitors can get to know and experience the vast range of food products of the region.

Anise-based liqueurs and anisettes that come from the local distilleries, Christmas sweets such as so-called mantecados, turrones, marzipan and other culinary treats attract tens of thousands of visitors every year during the Christmas season.

But Rute offers much more than just an expedition through the local food industry. A wonderful landscape right in the heart of Andalusia, which belongs to the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, is just as inviting as the local gastronomy. Local traditions can still be felt in every corner of the town. All this make Rute a popular and worthwhile destination throughout the year.

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