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Rute - Monuments and attractions

Rute has a bunch of specially themed museums, which give the town a national recognition. Get to know how chocolate, anise and spirits, ham, nougat and other food are still made according to old recipes and techniques.

Belén de Chocolate

The major attraction of Rute is a nativity scene completely made of chocolate. Created by seven pastry chefs during a four month periode and made from 1.5 tons of chocolate, it is the largest thing of this kind in the world.

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Aníse Museum

Open all year round, the Anise Museum is dedicated to the local tradition of making anise-based spirits. It is housed in an old distillery. In various rooms visitors can experience the production of various types of liqueur. At the end of each tour there are tastings.

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Sugar Museum

open to the public between october and December, the Rute sugar museum takes you into a world of sugar, making it a totally different type of museum. See important monuments of Andalusia as well as famous and fictional characters, shields of various Andalusian soccer teams and much more - all created from sugar.

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Ham Museum

Ham from Rute were so famous that even Miguel de Cervantes mentioned them in two of his works. Today the local ham museum is dedicated to the lang tradition of making hams. It shows a wide variety of instruments and devices that were used in the manual production of ham and sausage products.

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Museos del Aguardiente Anisado

Get in touch with the history of anise brandy and anise in general in this unique museum. The complex opened in 2015.

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Museo de la Chacina

Every year, this museum opens its doors from October to early January. Here visitors can see tools that have been used throughout history for making sausage products. Every year there is a new culinary creation waiting for the visitors to be tasted.

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Further places of interest

Rute has more to offer than the food museums the town is famous for. Here we have a select range of further places that might be of particular interest when visiting this area.

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