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Gastroflamenco Patio de la Judería
C/ Conde y Luque 6, 14003 Cordoba

Step in and have a rest - the Patio de la Judería is a homelike restaurant in the center of the ancient Cordoba. Just 50 yards from the Mezquita and close-by a number of other major attractions, this restaurant is perfect for making a stop while exploring the oldest parts of Cordoba and its landmarks.

With its traditional Patio courtyard the restaurant provides a charming atmosphere. Thus, you should not miss the Patio de la Judería. And if you like, have your meal on the house’s roof terrace from where you have a wonderful view over the roofs of the ancient Judería quarter to the bell tower of the Mezquita (please make sure to make a reservation well in advance).

There are daily Flamenco performances giving guests a glimpse of real Andalusian tradition and spirit.

All this makes Patio de la Judería one of the most beautiful places to dine. Delicious dishes representing the regional style of cooking and phantastic regional and national wines make your stay quite perfect.

Additional Information:
Average price level: €20-25
Cuisine: Regional

Patio de la Judería
C/ Conde y Luque 6
14003 Cordoba, Spain
Tel.: (+34) 957 - 48 78 61
Email: info@patiodelajuderia.com
Web: www.patiodelajuderia.com

957 48 78 61



12.30 am - 4.00 pm
7.30 pm - 11.00 pm

Open every day.

Credit Cards accepted
Flamenco Performances
Separate Rooms

Flower Lane
Souq Marketplace
Caliphale Baths


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