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Restaurante Cuevas Romanas
C/ Las Cuevas, s/n 14014 Córdoba


Excellent gastronomy, history and archaeology are melting at this place, creating a unique dining experience probably not found elsewhere in Andalusia: the Cuevas Romanas Restaurant.

Just five car minutes northeast of Cordoba, guests may savor select traditional Cordoba delicacies while being at an impressive 2,000 year old excavation site.

Rediscovered at Aulagar Hill in 1929, Cuevas Romanas (Roman Quarries) are ranging among the most remarkable archaeological excavations in modern times. The quarries consist of a large underground gallery system which is partly excavated and accessible.

The quarries’ location indicates that the sandstone which was mined right here was used for the construction of local monuments in Roman times, as well as in subsequent epochs.

The site, as it may be seen today, consists of a large hall and several galleries. Their walls bear traces of ancient tools and flambeaus. Massive columns that bear the weight of the mountain above are overwhelming.

This is the place where you can enjoy delicious traditional food. The restaurant has a large hall accommodating up to 150 guests. During summer, guests may have dinner in the well-kept garden next to the house.

Also, the restaurant is arranging festivities using the quarry, which has space for up to 400 persons.

Thanks to the restaurant’s spacious amenities, it is great even for large groups of tourists. So come, be staggered and enjoy the great local cuisine. You won’t regret.

Additional Information:
Average price level: € 15 - 25
Cuisine: Traditional Cordoba cuisine

Restaurante Cuevas Romanas
Carretera Badajoz-Granada, km. 265
Urbanización La Colina
C/ Las Cuevas
14014 Cordoba, Spain
(+34) 957 - 32 43 18
Mobile: (+34) 607 - 23 13 54
Email: info@cuevasromanas.com
Web: www.cuevasromanas.com
Facebook: Cuevas Romanas


957 32 43 18



Tuesday - Saturday
1.00 pm - 4.30 pm and
8.30 pm - 11.30 pm

1.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Closed on Sunday evening and Monday.

Parking facilities
Access to Roman Quarries
Credit Cards accepted
Accessible for the disabled

Roman Quarries
Historic Via Augusta Road
Virgen de Linares Sanctuary
Sierra Morena Mountains


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