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Luque - Caliphale Route (Ruta del Califato)

The so-called Caliphale Route (Ruta del Califato) is a touristic route that links numerous highlights worth seeing in Andalusia. It runs from Córdoba to Granada, this way connecting two of the most important cities of the Spanish Middle Ages.

Between these two cities, which were strongholds for politics, religion and culture at the time and which had a lasting influence on the history of Spain, travelers can get in touch with outstanding landscapes and numerous towns where history comes alive at mighty fortifications, city walls and city gates.

The tourist route can be explored over two different branches that come together at Alcalá la Real. 180 kms (112 mi) long, the south route runs through places worth seeing such as Montilla, Lucena, Carcabuey or Priego de Córdoba. On the other hand, the northern section, which is 195 kms (121 mi) long, offers the opportunity to get to know towns such as Espejo, Castro del Río, Baena or the charming Zuheros. The city of Luque is part of the northern branch as well.

The route of the Caliphate can be traveled on foot, by bike or by car.


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