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The town of Luque is one of the most beautiful cities in the province of Cordoba. Located on the national highway, almost half-way between Córdoba and Granada, this picturesque place rich in attractions representing a tremendous cultural heritage is a perfect destination to discover the history and nature of the region. Luque is also a good starting point to get to know the monumental cities of Córdoba, Jaén and Granada, which are just about an hour's drive away.

Apart from interesting sights and historic places within the town, visitors have the opportunity to explore the natural preserve of the Sierras Subbéticas, a remarkable natural space that can be discovered via an extensive network of hiking trails. Also the region can be explored by bike or on foot along the so-called Vía Verde del Aceite that leads directly past Luque. This bike trail on a former railway line links a number of archaeological sites in the area as well as the Cueva de la Encantada cave which is renowned for its remarkable cave paintings.

Anyone interested in military history should not miss a visit to the Alamillo bunker site. The relic of the Spanish Civil War is found in the immediate vicinity of Luque and is located within an olive grove. Lovers of ornithology, on the other hand, should allow enough time for a side trip to Laguna del Salobral. This place has been declared a nature reserve because of its importance as a winter habitat and breeding ground for migratory birds.

In the local gastronomy, which is mainly based on agricultural products from the region, one can still see and taste how different cultures left their mark in the area: the Jewish heritage, for example, lives on in the traditional local stews, while the diverse pastries and candies are of Moorish origin.

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