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Ultramarinos La Espartería

Ultramarinos La Espartería is a small family business which has opened its doors in the historic center of Córdoba since the year of 1934. It is found in a prime location, directly opposite the Upper Arch, one of the two main entrances to the famous Plaza de la Corredera Square.

Owned by Estefanía and Rafael who are conducting their store with great attention to detail, the little store has managed to preserve the spirit of the small mom and pop shops that existed in Córdoba until the 1970s. While most of them disappeared in favor of large shopping centers and chain stores, Ultramarinos La Espartería is still dedicated to personally serving their customers day by day.
Specializing in the sale of ham and dried cod, the store also offers a wide range of regional produce, with a focus on local cheeses and cured meats, wines, unpackaged legumes and canned food of all kinds.

On request, ham and sausage products can also be cut free and vacuum-packed so that customers can easily transport their purchase.

For a small snack in between, there is also the possibility to have a ham, sausage or cheese roll prepared freshly to take out.

Contact and location
Ultramarinos La Espartería
C/ Rodríguez Marín 22
14002 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 39 21 47
Móvil: (+34) 744 60 88 25
Email: info@ultramarinoslaesparteria.es
Web: www.ultramarinoslaesparteria.es
Facebook: @ultramarinoslaesparteria


9 AM - 2 PM

Tuesday - Thursday
9 AM - 2 PM and
5 PM - 8 PM

9 AM - 2 PM and
5.30 PM - 8.30 PM

9 AM - 2 PM



Credit Cards accepted
Free home delivery (within Cordoba)
Free slicing and vacuum packaging of purchased items
Stuffed rolls to go
Friday and Saturday open without midday break
Worldwide Shipping


Corredera Square
Roman Temple
Judería Quarter

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