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For generations, bullfight has been an integral part of culture and heritage of Spain. No wonder, this tradition has played an important role in the cultural life in Cordoba. Famous bull-fighters were raised here, including the legendary Manolete.

The city features a large bullring. But as in the rest of the country, things have changed here. The tradition is as controversial as popular it is. There is a growing opposition against the bullfight leaving marks even here in the heartland of this tradition. While corridas occured almost around the year in the past, nowadays these events take place on certain occasions like the city’s famous Feria. Hovever when bullfights take place, thousands of locals and visitors are still attracted and gather at the bullring to follow the respective spectacle.

Whatever opinion one may have, it is a fact that those bulls that are chosen to loose their lives during the fight do have extraordinary lives. They get the best treatment and they graze on the best feedlots one can imagine. This may, in some way, be placating to those who are angry with that tradition.

2022 Feria Bullfight Information


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