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Interested in some background facts on Cordoba? Want have a quick overview about what is important to you when you are traveling here? Then you should not miss these information pages providing you with helpful details.

Tourist Info Centers
Tourist Info Centers provide information for your stay in Cordoba. Find locations and hours right here.

Facts & Figures
Learn more about the city and region of Cordoba. Section includes acouple of fun facts. See Facts & Figures.

Good to Know...
What temperature should I expect? What amount of tip is common? May I use my credit card? Get these and other questions answered at the Good to Know page.

City History
If you are interested in the long running history of the city of Cordoba, this section is right for you. Get all the facts from the Romans until medieval times. See Cordoba’s history.

How to Get to Cordoba & Getting Around
It is easy to get to Cordoba. This page explains how you may arrive here. For information on how to get around, see the Getting Around section.

World Heritage
Cordoba is the only city in the world to host as many as four world heritage sites. Know more on our World Heritage page.


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