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Plaza de las Tendillas

When it comes to casually hanging around, Plaza de las Tendillas, or Tendillas Square, is a number one choice. Found right between Cordoba’s historic quarter and the modern business and financial district, this pedestrian area has a number of restaurants and cafés inviting to have a break. Or sit down like a local on a bench under one of the trees or on the wall of the large fountain in the middle of the square.

Several more trick fountains on the square provide fun to the kids and make for a refreshing atmosphere while here on a warm summer’s evening.

But it is not only Tendillas Square that invites to linger, the immediate vicinity has plenty more options. So Cruz Conde and Jesús María streets - two of Cordoba’s favorite shopping streets featuring a number of notable stores - begin here and are perfect for a gentle stroll. The ancient Roman Temple is found only 200 meters (about 1/8 mile) east of the square.

But let’s go back to Tendillas Square: Remarkable features are the dominant equestrian statue representing Gran Capitán and the so-called Tendillas Clock which has been striking the quarters since 1961. Trustworthy it rings in the New Year when thousands of revelers gather on the square to celebrate the turn of the year.

Speaking of celebrating, Tendillas Square regularly hosts popular events, including the famous Christmas Market.

Curious about the origin of Tendillas Square’s name? Well, the square owes its denomination - which translates as square of the small stores - a multitude of small shops that used to be right here long time ago.


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