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Like in any big city, parking is a difficult issue and finding a free parking space may be a hassle. Especially when it comes to parking in the historic city center, crusing around and finding a free space is a challenge. This goes all the more since large areas in the city center have been transformed into pedestrian areas. Thus, there are only limited opportunities to park vehicles in historic downtown.

To avoid any frustration, is is a good idea to choose an accommodation that provides parking for their guests. For hotels and other accommodation, just go here.

It is recommendable to use parking facilities in the so-called Blue Zone. Parking spaces are labeled with blue paint. Parking fees apply on weekdays; on wekkends the use is free of charge. Anyway, since space is limited anywhere in this area, so are parking facilities - making it difficult to find one.

Thus, it may be a good idea to use one of the parking garages providing a safe place to drop your vehicle for the time of your visit. For longer stays, for example in the case your hotel does not have parking options, these garages provide special long-term rates. One of these options is La Ribera Garage which is found right at the Guadalquivir River, adjacent to The Grand Mosque and many other attractions. For more information, see here: Parking La Ribera

Visitors who are not willing to spend money for their parking space, should consider the area around Calahorra Tower south of the river. Usually, they will find a free space along one of the streets after a short search. From here it is a relatively short walk to the Mezquita and other monuments.

Although there are no parking fees in this area, drivers should be aware that they may have to pay a small amount anyway: Occasionally, so-called “ushers” are present allocating free spaces. Though drivers are not required to pay for this “service”, it is a good idea to spend 50 cents or a euro to not risk finding the vehicle damaged when returning.

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