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Paintball Sport Cordoba
C/ El Ciego
El Rinconcillo (La Carlota)
Mobile: 616 – 77 58 41

Email: info@paintballsportcordoba.com


80.000 square meters of terrain
6 playing scenarios
More than 50 complete outfits
Sanitation facilities


Córdoba: 30 km
Sevilla: 115 km
Málaga: 145 km
Granada: 190 km

Paintball Sport Cordoba

Since its invention in the 1970s in the United States, paintball trend sport has become popular around the world. You can experience this funny, powerful game right here in the Cordoba area.

Paintball Sport Córdoba has more than 80.000 square meters of playing field, featuring six different playing scenarios. The area is located 15 driving minutes southwest of Cordoba. It can be reached via A-4 highway (Autovía de Andalucía). Leave at exit 424 (Aldea Quintana) and then follow the Paintball Sport signs.

Paintball Sport Córdoba is recreational fun for virtually everyone. However it requires certain physical condition, team spirit and tactic aptitude.

Paintball is a team sport played on a defined playing area. Each team consists of 5, 7, 10 or 15 players. It is the goal of the game to capture a flag from the center of the playing field and bring it to the starting point of the opposing team. Of course, rules can be modified according to players’ imagination.

Each player has a marker he can shoot color balls with. Other players hit by one of the balls get out of the current race. The “ammunition” consists of gelatin balls filled with food coloring and is therefore non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

Paintball Sport Córdoba knows about its responsibility for ahealthy and clean environment. The management assure to make efforts to maintain sportive activities without straining natural environment.

Paintball Sport Córdoba recommends to make reservations at least 15 days in advance. For email reservation inquiries in English or German, please use the following contact address:

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