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Casa de Doa Jacinta (Lady Jacinta Mansion)

Another architectural gem worth being discovered is this 16th century mansion building. Featuring Tuscan columns on its facade, this edifice offers a remarkable contrast to the pervasive architecture of the famous Corredera Square where this mansion is located.

While Corredera Square is bordered by Castilian arcade structures on its western, northern and eastern sides, Casa de Doa Jacinta, as well as the neighboring old town hall, both situated on the south side of the square were preserved.

Anyway, the building was supposed to be dumped to clear the site for extension and remodeling of Corredera Square in the 17th century. At that time, owner Doa Ana Jacinta resisted these plans and filed an action before King Carlos II. resulting in a royal decree ordering the preservation of the mansion. Hence, today people can marvel at this treasure made of stone.

Planned by architect Juan de Ochoa (1554 – 1606), the four-storied building is dominated by a number of small balconies on the upper levels. These are separated by Tuscan columns already mentioned. In the past, the balconies were rented to the public on the occasion of bullfights and other festivities held on the square.

Since 2019, the buidling has been home to the cultural center of the University of Cordoba as well as to a permanent exhibit of all photographs which won the Pilar Citoler International Photo Contest.

Cultural center of UCO (University of Cordoba)

Monday - Friday
8 AM – 6 PM



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