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Cordoba Carnival 2020

As everywhere in the world, Carnival celebrations are dominating the early weeks of a year in Cordoba. In Carnival times, thousands of disguised and masked people gather on the streets and squares and celebrate.

Traditionally, San Lorenzo and San Agustín quarters are Cordoba’s strongholds of the Carnival celebrations. Corredera Square, San Agustín Square, Poeta Juan Bernier Square and Cristo de Gracia Square are the places where people may have the most intensive carnival experiences. Parades and performances provide people with fun and joy.

Carnival festivities are planned and accomplished under the direction of the Carnival Society which is supported by the city council. Since 1983, there has been an annual Carnival singing contest. This contest where attendees present funny and satiric songs is regularly joined by numerous carnival clubs from the entire region. The contest takes place in the Gran Teatro Theater.

The finale of the Carnival festivities is marked by a large parade with many bandwagons, riders, chorus girls, jugglers and many more. Crowds of people edge the streets. And everyone who wants may attend the parade and be part of it.

2020 Carnival Event Calendar

  • Election of prince and princess: 2 February
  • Carnival association contest: 11 - 21 February
    • Preliminaries: 11 - 16 February
    • Semi final: 17 - 19 February
    • Grand final: 21 February
  • Pregón (carnival speech): 22 February
  • Street carnival: 20 February - 1 March
  • Kids’ carnival on Tendillas Square: 22 February
  • Street carnival (historic center): 28 and 29 February
  • Grand pageant: 1 March


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