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Roman Bridge
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Hammam Al Ándalus Cordoba

Surrounded by more than 2,000 years of history, the Hammam Arab baths provide well-being at its finest. Built to historical records, this bathhouse is a place where bathers will get a glimpse of the savoir-vivre in past times. Having a massage and bath right here makes the stay in town quite perfect.

According to tradition, the bathhouse interior is strictly separated into different areas: Cold water hall, warm water hall, hot water hall and repose area. While the water temperature in the cold water area stands at about 16 C (60 F), the warm water basin - the centerpiece of the hammam - comes with agreeable 36 C (97 F). With its star-shaped lunettes in the vaulted ceiling, smoothly letting daylight into the hall, this site is an architectural gem. Alongside the water basin there is a massage area where guests can enjoy traditional Muslim massages and ritual purification procedures.

The hot water hall has two therms with a water temperature of about 40 C (104 F). Here the gentle splashing of the water, combined with the typical Arab-style architecture, promises an enjoyable well-being.

The Hammam’s repose area offers the opportunity to relax having a glass of hot Arab tea. Pretty marble benches and wooden tables makes this spa area as authentic as perfect.

Hammam Al Ándalus Córdoba
C/ Corregidor Luis de la Cerda 51
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 48 47 46 and (+34) 902 33 33 34
Fax: (+34) 957 47 99 17
Email: cordobareservas@hammamalandalus.com
Web: cordoba.hammamalandalus.com

Tel.: (+34) 957 48 47 46
Email: cordobareservas@hammamalandalus.com
Changes and cancellations are possible until 48 hours before scheduled time.

Customer service
Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - Midnight




Passages by day:
10 AM – 12 noon – 2 PM – 4 PM

Passages by night:
6 PM – 8 PM – 10 PM - 12 AM

Duration of “MIYAH” passages is 90 mins, duration of “MISTIQ” passages is 150 mins. Includes time of optionally ordered massages.

Open all year.



- emerge: 28,- EUR
(Bath in various bassins - warm, hot and cold - plus steam bath)

- MIMMA (Bath accompanied by exclusive massage with aetheric oil)

Mimma 15: Arabian bath and 15 min relaxation massage:
41 EUR
Mimma 30: Arabian bath and 30 min relaxation massage:
55 EUR
Mimma 45: Arabian bath and 45 min deep tissue massage: 70 EUR
Mimma 60: Arabian bath and 60 min deep tissue massage: 90 EUR

- MIDRA (A perfect blend of arabian bath, exclusive massage and an exotic cleansing)

Midra 30: Arabian bath, 15 min cleansing massage with peeling glove and 15 min relaxation massage: 62 EUR
Midra 45: Arabian bath, 15 min cleansing massage with peeling glove and 30 min relaxation massage: 76 EUR


-Bonus 4 emerge: 84 EUR
-Bonus 4 Mimma 15: 123 EUR

- Discounts (available Mondays through Friday for all “MIYAH” offerings except for “emerge”)

- Students and retirees: 20 %
- Residents of the province of Cordoba: 15 %


Unique rituals let you experience the magic of Hammam and find to yourself.

- RENAZ: 195,- EUR

- AKWALM: 290,- EUR

- AMAWA: 420,- EUR



- All guests must wear swimwear.
- It is not necessary to wear a bathing cap. However guests with long hair are required to have their hair tied.
- Outdoor shoes are permitted in the locker room area only.
- Guests are asked to not speak loud.
- Guests are asked to arrive in good time and be punctual while leaving. Unused bathing time will forfeit and is non-refundable.


- Bathing time, including massage (if ordered) is 90 minutes.
- Bathers will find shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, hair-blower and lockers for their personal items and apparel.
- Each bather ios provided with a towel.
- Bathers are free to decide on the order how they use tha hammam areas.
- With exclusion of the locker room, all areas are jointly used by males and females.
- If a massage is ordered by a group of persons, there is no guarantee that these persons will receive their massage at the same time.
- Persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

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