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Feria de Córdoba 2022

The Cordoba Feria is the largest and most important annual amusement park of Cordoba. The fun fair is taking place at the end of May. It is held on the municipal El Arenal fairgrounds.

Every year, tens of thousands of people are flocking to the fairgrounds. The Feria offers pleasure and attractions for every taste. Thousands of lights illuminate the entire area at dusk.

Fervent Flamenco performances in one of the many pavillions, traditional costume demonstrations and a spectacular firework display are only a few attractions the Feria fun fair has to offer its visitors. Processions of smartened equestrian guards are among the most outstanding eye-catchers of this event.

Apart from worth seeing folklore presentations, an extensive number of rides and booths guarantee every visitor lots of fun and opportunities. Cordoban associations and clubs set up stands and offer mouthwatering tapas and other snacks.

On the occasion of the Feria, a number of bullfights, or Corridas, are held at the Cordoba bullfighting arena. For more information on this traditional event, see our

Feria Bullfight page.





21 - 28 May 2022


Grand opening with spectacular illumination of Fairground Portal and pavillions as well as firework display Friday night at midnight (night from Friday 20 May to Saturday 21 May).


Arenal Fairground (adjacent to the soccer stadium), accessible via A4 highway, exit 401


To get to the Feria parking lot, simply follow the “aparcamiento feria” signs. The parking fee for pessenger vehicles is 7 Euros.

Complete parking information is available on our Spanish page.




approx. 100

Pavillions admission

Access to all pavillions is free.

Feria Bullfights

There are several bullfights scheduled on the occasion of the Feria. More Information


Feria Accommodation Info


According to experience, during this period of time there is no vacancy in town. Travelers should make sure they book their accommodation as early as possible.


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