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Major Events in and around Cordoba

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Cordoba is a city offering a rich calendar of events, including world famous festivals, as well as unique local traditions. Here we have gathered a collection of major events and information on what’s going on in Cordoba around the year. So get excited.

Probably the very best month to visit Córdoba is May, when temperatures are not yet too hot. The Cordoba May is packed with festivals. It starts with the May Cross Festival, when numerous places in town are brightly decorated with large wooden Crosses being over and over adorned with flowers.

Then the nationwide renowned Patio Festival attracts both residents and visitors. Many houses open their doors and allow an insight in their beautiful Patio courtyards that feature gushing flowerages, wells or fountains. What a refreshing experience!

During the last week in May everyone in town celebrates the Feria Funfair. What does this mean? Seven days and seven nights full of action and fun. So get there - it’s partytime!

Anyway, the rest of the year is packed with events, as well. Just think of the regular bullfighting tournaments or of the Holy Week.

And not to forget the annual guitar festival in summer when guitar sounds are heard throughout the city. The festival is of international denotation, so if July is your month in Cordoba, don’t forget to join in.


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