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Eating Snails in Cordoba

Either you hate eating snails or you love it. If you are in favor of snails, then Cordoba is obviously the right place for you, as snails are a very, very popular food in town.

Thus, every year between February and june there is snail season here. This delicacy is available on many places throughout the city where stands are being installed offering these molluscs in all variations. From noon until late night you can see people enjoying this food which is ranking among one of the most characteristic tapas here in Cordoba.

Among the snail specialties that can be enjoyed the most popular are small snails in a broth, as well as big vineyard and other land snails served in a spicey sauce. Snail meat, which is rich in minerals and low in fat and cholesterol. It has been popular since Roman times; the romans were dedicated in breeding snails and large consumers of snail meat.

Later, during the Middle Ages the consumption of snails reached its peak. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon was that this meat was allowed be eaten during the time of lent. It was at the beginning of the 18th century when snails eventually disappeared from the local diet until Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, a French politician and gourmet, made them popular again.

Thus today, the consumption of snails in Cordoba and the province is a very popular custom. Since the mid of the 20th century it has been developing to an essential part of the regional cuisine.

For the 2020 snail season, the city council authorized some three dozen of stands and tents that will offer about 200 metric tons of snails throughout the season, which is corresponding to some three tons per day.

So try to eat like a local and enjoy!



Begin of season


21 February 2020


37 stands and tents


See location info on our Spanish page



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