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Cuesta del Bailío Passage

Cuesta del Bailío is one of the most enchanting and emblematic places within Cordoba’s old town. Formerly used as a passage crossing the Roman city wall and connecting medieval uptown (Medina) with downtown (Axerquía), today the 31 treads of the staircase-shaped slope are inviting to have a break and enjoy.

Thus, Cuesta del Bailío is a popular place to meet, hang around and have a good time. Several times a year, locals and visitors gather here to be part of large events. On the occasion of the May Cross Festival, people establish a large cross over and over decorated with flowers adding even more charm to this place.

When visiting Cuesta del Bailío, it is recommendable to approach from Calle Alfaros Street. That way, the remarkable renaissance facade of the Bailío Building (Casa del Bailío) sitting above the passage can be seen, as well as the bell tower of the Capuchin Monastery (Convento de Capuchinos), molding the scenery of this site.

Also dominating are the lavish bougainvillea blossoms surmounting the wall of the adjacent monastery garden. The flowers’ vermillion, the dazzling white of the wall below, the firm yellow of the campanile - and above all an almost ever bright blue sky - create a play of colors of its own. It is not without reason that Cuesta del Bailío is a favored place for taking pictures.

In the upper area, a small lane branches off to the right, going directly to nearby Capuchinos Square with its legendary ”Lantern Christ” statue.

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