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City Sightseeing Córdoba

Sightseeing Tours with panoramic bus and more

Join a panoramic bus tour, offered by City Sightseeing Córdoba, and discover the city and all its attractions from an unusual perspective. Experience the beauty of the city the convenient way. Pessengers can board and deboard the bus where and as often they want.

Apart from the panoramic route, City Sightseeing offers another tour - Córdoba Íntima - bringing guests into the heart of the city with its narrow and winding streets. Aboard a minibus pessengers can experience the outstanding city history. There are stops at emblematic sites such as the Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral, the Royal Fortress, the Viana palace with its beautiful patios or the Tendillas Square. During the ride pessengers receive relevant explanations in various languages.

City Sightseeing also has guided tours through the Axerquía (ancient downtown) and through the modern city center or the Judería Quarter, as the case may be.

Córdoba Experience is a another service offered providing guided access to the most remarkable attractions in town, including the Mezquita and the Viana Palace.

Due to the hop on hop off system offered by City Sightseeing pessengers can access and leave al buses according to their personal requirements as long as their ticket is valid. Tickets are available for 24 and 48 hour periods.



“Cordoba Panorámica” Route

# of stops: 17


 1. Panorámica del Río
 2. Jardín Botánico - Zoológico
 3. Ciudad de los Niños
 4. San Basilio
 5. Puerta de Almodovar
 6. Mercado Victoria
 7. Gran Capitán
 8. Estación de Trenes – Autobuses
 9. Palacio de la Merced – Diputación
10. Torre de la Malmuerta – Santa Marina
11. Plaza del Corazón de María
12. Iglesia de San Lorenzo
13. Realejo – Iglesia de San Andrés
14. Ayuntamiento – Templo Romano
15. Arco del Portillo
16. Puente Romano
17. Baños Califales - Alcázar

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency depends on the season.
Low season: one bus per hour
Intermediate season: one bus per half hour
Peak season: one bus every 20-25 minutes


“Córdoba Íntima” Route

# of stops: 10


1. Baños Califales - Alcázar
2. Mezquita-Catedral
3. Parroquia de San Pedro
4. Realejo – Iglesia de San Andrés
5. Palacio de Viana
6. Palacio de la Merced – Diputación
7. Ayuntamiento – Templo Romano
8. Plaza de las Tendillas
9. Arco del Portillo
10. Panorámica del Río

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: Every 30 minutes throughout the year


Guided tours are available on two routes.

Meeting point for the walk through ancient downtown is busstop 16 (Roman Bridge) of “Córdoba Panorámica” route at 12 noon.

Meeting point for the walk through Judería Quarter is busstop 16 (Roman Bridge) of “Córdoba Panorámica” route at 5 PM.

Duration: about 90 minutes


City Sightseeing Córdoba
Tel.: (+34) 902 10 10 81
Email: info@cordoba-tour.com
Web: www.city-ss.es/spain/cordoba

902 10 10 81





During its period of validity, any City Sightseeing Córdoba ticket entitles its holder
- to get on and get off buses on both routes as often they want and where they want,
- to join guided walking tours offered by City Sightseeing,
- to qualify for certain discounts in various touristic facilities in town.

24 Hour Ticket:
Adults: 19.99 EUR
Children (age 5-12): 10,- EUR

48 Hour Ticket:
Adults: 25,-EUR
Children (age 5-12): 15,- EUR

Those who present a CitySightseeing Ticket puchased in another city, receive a 10 per cent discount.


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