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Carriage rides

Historic center of Cordoba


Cordoba is a city that, due to its extraordinary history, has plenty of picturesque sites, architectural gems and dreamy alleys. One of the most romantic ways to explore is by horse-drawn carriage.

A carriage ride lets you comfortably discover places that are not accessible for individual traffic and found off the beaten path.

Be impressed by the drivers’ charm and professionality. They bring you the city from a different perspective, enriched with tales and interesting anecdotes.

You will discover Cordobas hidden treasures from a convenient carriage, drawn by beautiful horses. Immerse yourself in the very heart of this enchanting city and feel lijke going back in history.

If desired, tours can be held in French or Arab instead of Spanish.

These carriage rides are available around the year.

Rides can be ordered for special occasions such as weddings, too. Just contact the Carriage Association (all contact information is found at the bottom of this page). They promise that everything will be at your full satisfaction.



Campo Santo de los Mártires
(near Alcázar Royal Fortress)

C/ Torrijos
(in front of Mezquita Cathedral)


Tour A
1. Monumento a los Enamorados
2. Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
3. Baños Califales
4. Plaza de la Luna
5. Puerta de Almodóvar
6. Jardines de la Victoria
7. Mausoleo
8. Monumento Julio Romero
9. Antiguo Coso
10. Plaza Chirinos
11. Casa Manolete
12. Palacio Cruz Conde
13. Plaza Capuchinos/Cristo de los Faroles
14. Templo Romano Capitulares
15. Fundación Antonio Gala
16. Plaza Séneca
17. Museo Arqueológico/Casa Julio Romero de Torres
18. Iglesia Encarnación
19. Mezquita-Catedral

Tour B
1. Triunfo San Rafael
2. Mezquita-Catedral
3. Plaza del Potro
4. Parroquia de San Pedro
5. Iglesia de San Lorenzo
6. Iglesia de San Andrés
7. Palacio Viana
8. Iglesia de Santa Marina
9. Monumento Manolete
10. Iglesia San Pablo
11. Capitulares
12. Iglesia San Francisco
13. Cruz del Rastro
14. Paseo de la Ribera
15. Puente Romano
16. Puerta del Puente
17. Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
18. Baños Califales
19. Monumento a los Enamorados

Tour duration



Further services

40 to 50 mins

From 9 AM

Standard: 45 EUR
Easter week and Feria: 60 EUR
Max. 5 persons

Special group rates upon request.

Carriage rides by night
Pickup at hotel feasible
Rides at weddings and other occasions


Asociación cordobesa de Coches de Caballos de Punto
C/ Caballerizas Reales 4 (local)
14004 Cordoba
Contact person: Curro Sanz
Mobile: 651 – 65 30 98
Email: cochesdepuntocordoba@gmail.com
Web: www.cochesdecaballoscordoba.com

651 65 30 98





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