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Calleja del Pañuelo (Handkerchief Alley)

The so-called Handkerchief Alley is a gem in the heart of the famous Judería Quarter. Though being located only a few steps from the legendary Mezquita, most visitors do not consider the short walk. But they should. Because this alley is not only one of these narrow, winding streets with corners, bends and tiny squares giving the Judería its unparalleled enchanting appearance. It is rather considered one of Europe’s narrowest streets.

Therefore the alley, some 20 meters (about 20 yards) long and officially named as Calleja de Pedro Jiménez, is commonly known as the Handkerchief Alley. This is because the narrowest point of the lane is not wider than a handkerchief spread
between two persons standing vis-à-vis.

The deeper one goes into the lane, the narrower it gets - until it ends on a small square. The ripple of a fountain and the odor of orange blossoms often are the only “companions” to the visitor.

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