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Calleja de las Flores (Flower Alley)

Indulge yourself in a sea of flowers... Calleja de las Flores is one of Cordoba’s most picturesque places. Hundreds of flowers provide a lavish grandeur on the whitewashed walls to the sides of the narrow alleyway representing the urban art of life in historic Cordoba.

Found in the immediate neighborhood of the famous Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral, Calleja de las Flores is one of the most popular picture motifs in town. Best time to go here is late in spring when the geranium flowers hanging on the walls are in their full blossom.

Calleja de las Flores diverges from Velázquez Bosco Street not far from the northern corner of the Mezquita. After 30 meters (30 yards) it ends on a small squre. From here visitors may enjoy a postcard-perfect view of the Mezquita belltower which seems to rise from the Flower Alley.

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