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How to Get There

There are several ways to get here and to enjoy the city. Cordoba is part of Spain’s major highway and railroad network making the city easy and fast accessible from all directions. Also, Cordoba features an airport. However, this airport is not served by commercial airlines and is exclusively used by private air traffic, as well as charter planes at this time.


Traveling by Car
The automobile is still the most popular mode of transportation in Andalusia. Entering Cordoba by car is easy. The major Andalusia highway from Madrid to Seville is tangent to the city which is accessible through several exits. Other major highways allow easy travel to neighboring major cities and to Portugal.

Parking in Cordoba
As anywhere, parking may be a hassle. Find some information on what matters when it comes to parking in Cordoba.
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Traveling by Train
Traveling by train is the most convenient and most rapid way of getting to Cordoba. The city is part of the national high speed train network allowing travel times of less than two hours to Madrid and 45 minutes to Seville. There is an hourly AVE high speed train service; each train makes a stop in Cordoba. Another highspeed rail line connects Cordoba to the coastal city of Malaga. The national rail company provides several daily passenger services on this route. Also direct highspeed rail service is offered between Cordoba and Granada.

Travelers who are in need to store their luggage in a safe place, may use Consignas Ferroviarias’ service. They have baggage boxes for rent on a reasonable daily rate.
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Traveling by Air
Although Cordoba’s airport is not served by commercial airlines at present, tourists entering Spain by air are able to get to Cordoba rapidly. Major airports of Madrid (by high speed train), Malaga, and Jerez are just two hours away. The Seville airport is accessible within one hour.

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