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Historic Quarter

Cordoba’s historic downtown area has preserved its enchanting panache over the centuries. The former Jewish Quarter (the so called Judería) harbors treasures of Moorish architecture and is home to some of the most spectacular monuments in town.

Everyday, tourists from all over the world discover the Judería’s major paths making parts of this quarter a crowded and busy spot. However, beyond this hustle and bustle, there are execrated corners and narrow winding alleyways making a stroll worthwhile. There you may find lovely whitewashed houses and magnificent balconies and courtyards overflowing with colorful blooms.

The Judería quarter with its typical Andalusian maze of alleyways is the most distinguished and enchanting area in town. In 1984, Unesco declared the entire quarter, including its landmarks such as the Mezquita or the Royal Fortress, as world cultural heritage of mankind. At all times, particularly under the power of Abd al-Rahman III., the Judería had been the very intellectual and cultural center of the entire region.

Today, visitors can find here one out of three synagogues that still exist in Spain. Furthermore, other remarkable buildings are worth a visit: for example the Royal Fortress with its enchanting gardens, the Arabian Bathes, the Bullfight Museum, the Roman Bridge, or Zoco Municipal which is an old Moorish market place.

Not only Judería's fabulous sights invite to a visit. The Judería and its neighboring areas feature an overwhelming number of tempting restaurants, taverns, and tapas bars to choose from. Also, there are many shops offering lovely souvenirs to go.

The inner city of Cordoba, including famous Judería and the neighboring modern downtown area, is ideal for pedestrians. Most of the major sights and attractions are within walking distance.

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