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Welcome to the city of Cordoba. Córdoba24 is the only multi-language information resource dedicated to providing travel-related information about the city and the province of Cordoba, Spain. We let people from all over the world know what major attractions Cordoba has to offer, where to eat, where to sleep and what to do.

Córdoba 24 is intended to help you planning your stay and making your vacation even more pleasant and exciting.

A dedicated team is collecting and publishing the most interesting information for you. We are keen to translate as much information into your language as we can.

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Córdoba 24
sesys new media
Holger Mannheim
Brühlberg 4b
06526 Sangerhausen, Germany

Phone: +49-3464-2609030

Web: www.cordoba24.info
Email: cordoba@cordoba24.info







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