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El Juramento
C/ Juramento, 6
14002 Cordoba
Tel.: 957-48 54 77

A renowned tavern that has been serving guests for more than 100 years. Located close-by the famous Corredera Square. Serves traditional Cordoban dishes, e.g. Patatas Bravas, fish dishes and stuffed paprika peppers. More information

San Miguel
Plaza San Miguel 1
14002 Cordoba
Tel.: 957-47 01 66

Another tavern featuring an outstanding tradition. For more than a century, this tavern has been providing guests with delicious regional dishes. Located in the old part of the town, close to the Tendillas Square. More Information

La Bodega
C/ Alhaken II 6
14011 Cordoba
Tel.: 957-48 62 11

La Bodega is one of the classical taverns in town. Being located in the center, the tavern provides a rustic bullfighting ambiance with trophies, old placards etc. Great decoration and great Andalusian cuisine. More Information

Cazuela de la

C/ Rodríguez Marín 16
14002 Cordoba
Tel.: 957-48 89 52

Located in the heart of Cordoba, near the beautiful Corredera Square, this tavern has been one of the prime choices for great tapas and Cordoba style cuisine since its opening in 1998. Great location - great eating. More Information

Taberna Plateros
C/ San Francisco 6
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: 957- 47 00 42

One of the most traditional Cordoba taverns with roots going back to 1872. Rich in tradition, it is nestled in an enchanting neighborhood and features excellent plain cooking. A popular spot for locals and tourists. More Information

Taberna Deanes
C/ Los Deanes 6
14003 Córdoba
Tel.: 957 - 29 37 44

Located in direct vicinity of the Great Mosque, this tavern is another great option for delicious Cordoba food. The tavern is accommodated by an original 16th century building. More Information

Taberna Rafaé
C/ Deanes
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: 957 - 29 90 08

Found in the heart of Cordoba’s enchanting Judería district, this traditional tavern offers famous local food. Enjoy a vast selection of meat and fish dishes or just a fresh salad within a rustic ambiance.
More Information

Taberna Casa Salinas
C/ Puerta de Almodóvar, s/n
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: 957 – 29 08 46

With more than one hundred years of history, this tavern has many stories to tell. Still great is the traditional food served to locals and visitors who meet here not only to enjoy Flamenco performances being celebrated. More Information 

La Montillana
C/ San Álvaro 5
14001 Cordoba
Tel.: 957 – 47 95 18

A traditional tavern located in a three story building in the heart of Cordoba. Inaugurated in 1940, La Montillana has been serving traditional Cordoba cuisine for decades. A nice plus is the bullfighting decoration. More Information

Taberna del Río
C/ Enrique Romero
de Torres 7
14002 Cordoba
Tel.: 957 - 47 85 19

Mouthwatering regional delicacies and beautiful vistas over Cordoba’s silhouette plus the convenient location near major museums and attractions make this tavern a recommendable choice for eating.
More Information

Taberna Santi
C/ El Realejo 10
14002 Córdoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 48 82 32

Found in one of the most folksy areas in town, this traditional tavern offers traditional Cordoba-style food, as well as a choice of breakfast and tasty treats, including waffles.
More Information

Taberna & Vinoteca

C/ Medina y Corella 1
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: 957 – 10 69 49

Offering a typical traditional atmosphere, this tavern is found in the heart of Cordoba’s historic Judería quarter, just adjacent to the famous Mezquita. Enjoy delicious local specialties, as well as the best wines. More Information

Los Califas

C/ Deanes 5
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 - 47 08 45

This restaurant prides itself on being the leading Italian restaurant in Cordoba’s famous Judería quarter. Guests can choose from a vast menu list with Italian dishes as well as regional specialties.
More Information

Doble de Cepa

C/ Martínez Rücker 9
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 94 46 73

This tavern stands for good food at a reasonable pricing although guests may enjoy an elegant atmosphere and a privileged location. Adjacent is one of Cordoba’s most picturesque streets, Calleja del Pañuelo. More Information

El Picoteo del Gallo
C/ Ángel de Saavedra 5
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 47 06 03

A nice tavern found half-way between the Mezquita and popular Tendillas Square. A cozy Flamenco ambiance and traditional local delicacies let guests have an unforgettable experience.
More information 

Casa Bravo 1919

C/ Puerta Almodóvar
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 615 - 18 14 15

Found at Puerta de Almodóvar city gate, this tavern is the oldest eatery in that area. It is quite perfect to fortify after a stroll through the Judería Quarter. Their serve traditional plain food, including tapas.
More information

La Alquería

C/ Enrique Romero de Torres 3, 14002 Córdoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 - 48 08 77

Another asset within the culinary landscape in town not to be missed. Have traditional Cordoba-style food with a modern touch while enjoying a likeable atmosphere of this restaurant.
More Information

Mesón Juan Peña
Avda. Doctor Fleming 1
14004 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 20 07 02

Since 1979, this tavern has been developing a determined status in the culinary scene of Cordoba. It even enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Spain. Traditional plain fare dishes are served. More Information

El Rincón de las Beatillas
Plaza de las Beatillas 1
14001 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 - 48 33 36

A traditional tavern, found in one of Cordoba’s most folksy neighborhoods. Famous for its ambiance, especially on the occasion of city festivals like the Patio Fest or Carnival, this tavern serves typical Cordoba food. More information




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