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Bar Santos
Magistral González Francés 3, 14003 Cordoba

The Cordoba cuisine is renowned throughout Spain and even beyond and is known for excellent tastes. The Santos Bar, opened in 1966, is one of the establishments that significantly contributed to this outstanding reputation.

The bar is located just in front of the legendary Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral. The eatery is, in the first instance, well known for its unique Tortilla de Patatas (potato omelet). The restaurant owner, Francisco Santos, points out that his Tortilla is made of nothing but extra native olive oil, fine country potatoes and quality eggs.

But not only the exquisite taste, but the Tortilla’s size made this snack the “star” of the house. Normally, a Santo potato omelet weighs about four kilograms (or about 9 lbs) and is as high as 14 centimeters (about 5.5 inches). The largest Tortilla that left Santos’ cuisine was more than 25 kilos (about 55 lbs) and would certainly have qualified for the Guinness Book of Records.

Due to the small size of the bar itself, guests use to enjoy their tapas outside. Many of them use to sit on the foot of a wall surrounding the Mezquita. The Santos Bar is very popular and is frequently visited by bullfighters, actors and intellectuals. Even heads of governments from certain nations were among the guests of the bar to try the great Tortilla.

Further Information:
Average price level:
Piece of potato omelet: 2.30 EUR
Tapas: 2 - 7 EUR
Sandwich: 3.50 - 5 EUR
Cuisine: typical traditional tapas, plain food

Bar Santos
Magistral González Francés 3
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 - 48 89 75

957 48 89 75



Monday - Friday
10 am - 12 midnight

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
11 am - 12 midnight

Non-smoking Establishment
Traditional Atmosphere

Mezquita Cathedral
Calleja de las Flores
Roman Bridge
Calahorra Tower


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