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World Heritage

Cordoba has been a lynchpin in world history. Thus, today it is the only city in the whole world to have as many as four world cultural heritage sites.

Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral
The legendary Mezquita became part of the world cultural heritage in 1984, honoring its outstanding beauty and uniqueness, incorporating architectural styles from seven centuries. Know more about the Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral.

Historic City Center
Ten years on, in 1994, Unesco awarded the whole historic city center of Cordoba, surrounding the Mezquita, as world cultural heritage. The maze of small alleys, squares and architectural treasures found in this area is unmatched. More informationen on historic city center

The Cordoba Patios
Since 6 December 2012, the famous Cordoba Patios have been part of the world cultural heritage, as well. The Patios, including the annual Patio Festival, is an unparalleled tradition. Learn more about the Fiesta de los Patios.

Palace Town of Medina Azahara
Finally, the ruins of ancient palace town of Medina Azahara, found right off the city limits, have been added to the world heritage list in July 2018. Even today visitors can feel the past wealth and splendor of this site. Mehr Information


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