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  Torre de la Malmuerta

Torre de la Malmuerta

Built as part of the former city wall, this octagonal tower is located on the very northern edge of the city center. Due to its location apart from the Judería tourist spot, the tower is less known and therefore less frequented.

Nevertheless the Malmuerta Tower is a substantial example for medieval architecture. It is topped with bulky pinnacles. Under a huge arch there are several stone plates with old inscriptions.

The interior of the tower is made up of a large hall. A staircase allows entering the top of the tower, from where one has a great panoramic view over the city center. Unfortunately, the tower is closed to the public at this time.

The massive tower owes its name (literally: tower of the dolorous deceased) a legend saying that once there was a knight who caught his wife being together with another man and therefore killed them both. Due to his status as knight, he became penalized not by death, but he was ordered to build that tower and to be jailed herein until his death.

Though it is not clear whether or not this story is just a myth, Malmuerta Tower is an architectural gem in Cordoba.





Avenida de Ollerías
14001 Cordoba


This is a public monument which can be seen 24/7.




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