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Streets and Squares

There are many places in Cordoba worth seeing. Even streets and squares have their stories to tell. Cordoba24 tells you what you should not miss during your visit.

Plaza de la Corredera

Plaze de la Corredera, or Corredera Square, is one of the most magnificent venues in town. This large rectangular features an architecture unparalleled in all Andalusia. It is a famous spot with locals and tourists who enjoy to spend time on one of the open air terraces there.

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Plaza del Potro
(Filly Square)

This square got its name from a font which was built in 1577. This fountain is topped by a filly, so the folks henceforth named the square as “square of the filly”.

It is one of the more significant sites in town, because the old Potro Inn (Posada del Potro) is situated there. The Potro Inn was already mentioned in Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”.

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Calleja de las Flores

The so called Alley of Flowers is one of the most picturesque places in Cordoba. It is a narrow alleyway filled with flowers hanging from whitewashed walls. It offers postcard-perfect views of the Mezquita bell tower and perfectly represents urban life in the ancient town.

The best time to visit this place is in late spring, when cranesbills on the walls show their blooms.


Tendillas Square

This place marks the heart of the city. It is situated between the old Jewish quarter and the new modern central district. Almost the entire square is for pedestrians only, so it is a popular meeting point and a place where people like to stay for awhile and have a drink or dinner. The site is dominated by a large equestrian statue of Gran Capitan (Grand Captain), a famous Cordoban conquerer. Numerous fountains make this square providing an agreeable atmosphere, especially on hot summer days.



Plaza de los Capuchinos

Visitor guides usually indicate this square one of the most impressive in town. In fact, it is probably one of the smallest ones. Anyway, this site is more remote and therefore not crowded by tourists. The square is home to a beautiful Christ statue which is surrounded by several lanterns. The site is most enchanting at nightfall when the lanterns are illuminated.

Plaza Jerónimo Páez

Once, this square was home to the third largest amphitheater of the Roman empire. Its excavated remains were integrated into the construction of the Museum of Archaeology which is located here. On the square itself, a number of findings are on display, including fragments of ancient Roman columns.

Cuesta del Bailio (Bailio Slope)

This slope is a popular meeting point. Several times a year, locals and visitors gather here to be part of large events. On the occasion of the May Cross Festival people establish a large cross over and over decorated with flowers. Once, a city gate was situated at this place. In ancient times, this wide staircase interconnected downtown and uptown Cordoba.

Calleja del Pañuelo

Actually, this alleyway ranges among the most narrow streets all across Spain. Therefore, this alley is commonly nicknamed as Handkerchief Alley: The lane is so narrow that the distance between two persons standing vis-à-vis is the same as the size of a handkerchief. This truly romantic place can be found near the Mezquita Cathedral.


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