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Cordoba has plenty to see and do. Numerous breathtaking attractions allow you to make a journey back to the time of the Romans. The city’s history dating back two thousand years has left lots of monuments to marvel at. Córdoba24 gives you an overview of what Cordoba offers to visitors.



Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral

This monument is the pride of the city. The so called Mezquita is known as one of the most distinguished buildings in Spain. The former mosque dates from the 8th century. 1.5 million visitors each year make this landmark the most significant monument in Cordoba and probably throughout Spain.

Other Major Monuments

Beyond the Mezquita,
Cordoba features impressive monuments including one of three synagogues to still exist in Spain. These monuments let you experience the city’s brightness at one time.

Cordoba Museums

Cordoba’s Museum of Archaeology hosts lots of art treasures and historic remains. Other museums cover presentations of modern art, paintings, religious artifacts and much more. There is plenty to see and learn.

Sightseeing Tours

Attending a sightseeing tour is probably one of the best ways to discover Cordoba and its treasures. Professional guides who are conversant with the city’s history and its legends take you along to an unforgettable city walk.

Parks and Gardens

Cordoba has many places to relax and enjoy. Among them there are the Alcázar Gardens which give you a glimpse of the wonderful Arabian horticulture that outlasted here in town. A visit to the local botanic garden or to the zoo will give you interesting insights in the Andalusian biota.

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