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Patio Fest: Tips how to avoid the crowds

During the days of the Patio Fest, the city of Cordoba is packed with locals and tourists from all over the world who are here to see the city’s famous Patios. The increased interest in in the festival in recent years resulted in huge piles of people lining up in the streets and waiting for admission to one of these architectural gems.

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the crowds? With our tips, you can.

  • During the Patio Fest, try to avoid the weekends and visit Cordoba on a workingday instead. Expect the most heavy rush of people between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
  • Go for the Patios in the moring hours, since most people visit later in the day.
  • Visit during the first days of the Patio Fest. According to experience, the crowds get bigger in the course of the festival.
  • The Patios are found throughout the historic city center. Patios that are located off the major touristic routes are less frequented.
  • A good idea to avoid the crowds in the city is to go to the province: There is a similar contest and festival, the Concurso provincial de Patios, Rincones y Rejas, which is less known. Thus the patios there, though as beautiful as those in the city, are not so crowded.
  • The visit the patios, you are not required to be here during the festival. You can visit a number of patios at other times. The Viana Palace as well as the Patio Interpretive Center are open throughout the year. Touristic businesses such as dePatios also allow access to several patios year-round.

General Information regarding the patios of Cordoba, opening hours, etc. may be obtained here: More Information


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