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Patio Festival (Courtyard Festival):
Fiesta de los Patios 2022

When Cordobans celebrate the annual Courtyard Festival and Contest, the beautiful courtyards of their homes are open to the public. Many house owners in Cordoba’s traditional neighborhoods join the contest and open their doors. So everyone has the chance to get insights in architectural treasures that are typical for Cordoba - the so called Patios. During the festival, people are welcome to enjoy courtyards of incomparable beauty, packed with trees and flowers, fountains and accessories.

The twitter of birds, ripple of water and the odor of flowers will make you forget the world for moments. Nothing reminds you of being in the heart of such a vibrant and busy city.

Many Patios are furnished, because Cordobans love it to enjoy warm summer nights staying outside and chattering with their neighbors.

The Patio Festival is a tradition that began in 1918. During the Spanish civil war it had been interrupted and became reintroduced in the 1950s. The festival is intended to make hidden treasures available to the public. Furtermore, it is to honor the residents’ efforts to retain these traditional places.

The festival is a tradition which is unique in the world. By the way, there is a saying the patios of Cordoba would be the most beautiful courtyards all across Spain. We believe this is true. So does Unesco, the United Nations’ cultural organization. Since 2012, the Cordoba Patios have been part of the world cultural heritage.

Balconies and Window Grilles Contest
Experience beautiful photo scenes in the streets of the historic district. A number of balconies and window grilles are covered with an overwhelming flowerage during the Balconies and Window Grilles Contest which is held annually on the occasion of the Patio Fest.
More Information

Viana Palace: The Patio Museum
Don’t miss: The traditional Andalusian mansion known as Palacio de Viana, or Viana Palace, not only harbors a museum, but as many as twelve typical patios. Therefore locals refer to the building just as Patio Museum. More Information

Discover Patios (almost) throughout the year
For those who cannot visit Cordoba and its marvellous Patios at the time of the Patio Festival in May, DePatios offers tours through five wonderful courtyards alsmost around the year. So visitors can get a glimpse of these architectural gems, even when the Patios are closed. More Information

Patio Interpretive Center
Experience Cordoba’s legendary courtyards around the year: One of the most beautiful Patios in town now harbors an interpretation center providing in-depth information about Cordoba’s beautiful Patios and the tradition of the famous Patio Festival. More Information

Patio Festival in the province of Cordoba
While the city of Cordoba celebrates its famous Patio Festival, the province has one too! So you have the chance to avoid the crowds and discover places of just the same beauty in neighboring towns. More Information

Christmas at the Patios Event
A wonderful experience is a patio visit at Christmas time. Discover several patios that open their doors for the public during holiday season. If in town this time of the year, you should not miss the opportunity. More Information





3 - 15 May 2022


Patios joining the event are open to the public 11.30 am - 2 pm and 6 pm - 10 pm every day; on Sunday May 15th the Patios will close at 8.30 pm.




See list of participating Patios (Spanish)

See locations on a map (Spanish)


Free. A small donation is appreciated, but not required.


See our tips how to avoid the crowds


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