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A number of monuments located in and around Cordoba make the city a top destination for those who take a particular interest in Roman, Moorish, Jewish, and occidental heritage and culture. On these pages you will learn more about the most remarkable Cordoba monuments which are waiting for you to explore.



Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
(Royal Fortress)

Erected by Alfonso XI. in 1328, the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs is one of the most impressive references of that time. The fortress is a former royal palace and includes some of the most beautiful gardens one can imagine. The first fortress is of Arabian kind and dates from the 8th century. It is the place where monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand received America’s discoverer Christopher Columbus.

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Medina Azahara

Just eight kilometers (five miles) west of Cordoba there lies one of the the most outstanding monuments of the entire region: the former palace city of Medina Azahara. Excavated since 1910, the remains of this city let one anticipate the unimaginable glory and the pomp of this 10th-century city.

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Puente Romano

Once part of the Roman Via Augusta military road, the Roman Bridge crosses the Guadalquivir river. This bridge was of tremendous importance for defending Cordoba against offenses of Peter the Cruel. Today, a statue of San Rafael, the patron of Cordoba, can be seen on the bridge. The statue was built in 1651.

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The synagogue of Cordoba is an absolute architectural and cultural rarity. It is the only Jewish temple in Andalusia that survived the expulsion of the Jews centuries ago. The building dates from 1315 and gives evidence of the great Jewish culture that influenced Cordoba.

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Caballerizas Reales

Caballerizas Reales, the former royal stables, is another great example of Cordoba architecture. Located in the neighborhood of the Royal Fortress, these stables palyed an important role for royal transportation in ancient times.

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Capilla de San Bartolomé

This tiny chapel is an architectural gem. Blending Christian structures and Arab decoration, this preserved building is a beautiful example of the unique Mudéjar style.

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Templo Romano

In the center of Cordoba, adjacent to the city hall, the impressive ruins of a Roman temple can be found. The remains of this temple which was erected in the 1st century consist of several huge columns. The number of columns and their height indicate the temple must have been of enormous size and vital importance.

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Torre de la Calahorra

This massive tower, once part of an Arabian fortress, was erected in the 14th century on the far side of the Roman Bridge in order to protect the entrance to the city. Today, the tower houses a museum that allows spectacular insights in the city’s history and the peaceful coexistence of three different cultures.

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Picture Gallery Calahorra Tower

Torre Malmuerta

Malmuerta Tower was part of the former city wall. This massive building is located in the north of the city center. It owe its name to a legend. The top of the tower provides a spectacular view over the old part of the city.

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Further Attractions

Want to explore more? To do so, simply follow one of the links to your left on top of this page which is of interest to you. In order to find short descriptions of several other attractions, click on the following link.

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A highlight in the Province:

Almodovar Castle

A stunning castle and therefore a popular attraction is the Castillo de Almodóvar, just 14 miles west of Cordoba. Enjoy well-preserved structures being more than thousand years old as well as amazing vistas over the Guadalquivir Valley.

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