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May Cross Celebration

Every year in Cordoba, the May is packed with festivals highlighting the city’s cultural importance. It all starts with the so called May Cross Celebration, when people create large crosses made of or adorned by flowers. These crosses are brought to emblematic squares and other major places in town giving them an even more enchanting appearance. Originally a Christian tradition, the celebration has become a citywide folk festival.

The most beautiful crosses get awarded by the city council. So everyone who joins the May Cross contest is striving to creating the most beautiful cross. Nowadays, performances and presentations make the entire city be a single fairground. Visitors and locals may experience Andalusian folklore, including chants and folk dance.

The celebration comes from a Catholic custom. In ancient times, Cordobans used to decorate Christian crosses to praise them and to express their beliefs. In the course of time, the artistic aspect of this tradition got more and more important so that a profane tradition emerged.



Contest Goal

28 April - 2 May 2016

The purpose of the May Cross contest is the elaborate decoration of large crucifixes with flowers and other natural and traditional elements. Crosses are administered by brotherhoods, associations and other unions.


All activity begins April 28 at 1 pm.
May Crosses are open 12 noon - 5 pm and 8 pm - 2 am every day.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday May Crosses are open from 12 noon - 2 am with no interruption. Hoever there is no music between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Number of
May Crosses


1. A.VV. San José Obrero
2. A.VV. Cañero Nuevo
3. Asoc. Cult. Peña Los Emires
4. Asoc. Niños Saharauris
5. Hdad. Socorro
6. Hdad. Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Sangre
7. Peña Los Quijotos Cordobeses
8. Hdad. de la Misericordia
9. Hermandades del Trabajo
10. Hdad. Cristo de la Universidad
11. Hdad. de la Paz y la Esperanza
12. Hdad. Santísimo Cristo de Gracia
13. Asoc. Cultural Abades
14. Asoc. Sonrisa de Lunares
15. Hdad. Sagrada Cena
16. Hdad Nuestro Señor Resucitado
18. Asoc. Cultural Los Quintos
19. Hdad. del Buen Suceso
20. Hdad. de la Buena Muerte
21. Hdad. de los Dolores
22. Asoc. Cultural Mayores Axerquía Norte
23. Hdad. de Jesús Nazareno
24. Peña Amigos de Santa Cruz
25. Hdad. de la Expiración
26. Hdad. de la Merced
27. Hdad. Santo Sepúlcro
28. Hdad. del Calvario
29. Hdad. de la Soledad
30. Hdad. Entrada Triunfal (Borriquita)
31. Hdad. Penas de Santiago
32. Hdad. de Jesús Caído
33. Hdad. de San Álvaro
34. Casa de Sevilla
35. Hdad. del Vía Crucis
36. Hdad. del Rocío
37. A.VV. Huerta del Rey
38. Asoc. Ciudad de Córdoba Gaspar Gálvez
39. Hdad. del Amor
40. Hdad. de la Sentencia
41. Hdad. de la Santa Faz
42. Hdad. del Huerto
43. Centro Cult. Mujer Villarrubia
44. Asoc. Cult. Legado Paco de mi Viña
45. Asoc. Gastronómica Sercolu
46. Asoc. Cult. Amigos de la Telera
47. A.VV. Alcázar Viejo
48. Hdad. del Prendimiento
49. A.VV. Al-Ándalus
50. Club de Matrimonios La Unión
51. Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia
52. Asoc. Socioeducativa de Padres de Sta. Mª de Trassierra


There are three categories:
- May Crosses in the old town
- May Crosses in modern neighborhoods
- - May Crosses in enclosed rooms, e.g. patios

Further Activity

The may Cross Fest is accompanied by the annual dancing school contest which is held on Tendillas Square.



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