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Churches and Monasteries

Cordoba is home to countless churches and monasteries. Cordoba24 presents the most remarkable fanes being worth a visit.

convento_merced02Convento de la Merced
This monastery was founded in the 13th century. It underwent major reconstruction efforts in the 18th century. The monastery’s church became destroyed in a fire and was later restored. The monastery harbors several significant artifacts, including a Christ painting from the 14th century and a Visigothic baptistry. Even today, masses are celebrated here. By the way, Christopher Columbus lived in the monastery while he was waiting to be received by Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabella. Convento de la merced is situated at Plaza de Colón (Columbus Square).

Iglesia de Santa Marina
Consisting of three naves, Santa Marina Church is one of the major Reconquista churches. Three massive pillars on its front make this Lord’s house look like a fortress. Therefore, the church is commonly nicknamed as Fortress Church. Inside the building there are several remarkable paintings, including the altarpiece of Rosario Virgin (Virgen del Rosario). The church is located at Santa Marina Square (Plaza de Santa Marina). Constructed in the 7th century, Santa Marina Church is the oldest existing Lord’s house in Cordoba.

Iglesia de San Nicolás
San Nicolas Church is home to a remarkable baptistry that was built in 1555. The fane itself became erected in the 13th century on the site of a former mosque. The church’s octagonal bell tower is well worth seeing. It ranges among the most beautiful towers in town. The church may be found in Conde de Gondomar Street.

Iglesia de San Miguel
San Miguel is situated in the homonymous quarter, close to the center of the city. Built by Ferdinand III after he had conquered Cordoba, the church is more than 700 years old. This Romanesque church stands on the grounds of a former mosque. Like many other churches, it consists of three naves. The only remain of the mosque is a horseshoe arch which today is used as side entrance.

Iglesia de San Pablo
This church was founded on June 29, 1236, the day when Ferdinand III conquered Cordoba. The limestone building consists of three naves. Its chapel of the Pilar Virgin has an impressive black baroque entrance. Saint Paul Church is situated in Capitulares Street, close to the Roman Temple.

Iglesia de San Andrés
Founded by Ferdinand III, the church “suffered” many renovations and reconstruction efforts, so that it has lost much of its original nature. The only original parts of the structure are a Gothic style entrance and the central apsis of the church. San Andrés stand on the site of a former Roman temple.
This church may be found at the end of San Pablo Street, at San Andrés Square.

Iglesia de San Agustín
This is also a 13th century church which was ordered to be built by Ferdinand III. The three nave Lord’s house features magnificent Plateresque style interior decoration. However, the frescos bedecking the church’s walls are seriously damaged for the most part by the ravages of time.

Iglesia de San Lorenzo
This beautiful 10th century church stands on the grounds of a former mosque. Its bell tower is the former mosque’s minaret. Saint Lorence features a large awe-inspiring rosette window on its west front. Worth seeing is the church’s interior. Behind the main altar there are frescoes from the 15th century. The church also features a beautiful Mudéjar style paneling. San Lorence’s location is in Capitulares Street (Calle Capitulares).

Iglesia de Santiago
This church is one of the distinguished Fernandinic churches. However, due to a severe 1979 fire, there are just basic structures that still remain, including an impressive entrance gate. The church, erected in the 13th century on the grounds of a former mosque, can be found at Agustin Moreno Square (Plaza de Agustín Moreno).


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