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Get to know one of Andalusia’s most beautiful towns. Found in the very South of the province of Cordoba, the town of Iznajar is just one hour from the cities of Cordoba, Granada and Malaga. Picturesquely situated on a scenic ridge, Iznajar is almost completely surrounded by a dammed lake. Two road bridges provide access to this wonderful town.

Iznajar’s name is derivated from the Arab word Hisn-Ashar (حصن عشر), meaning as much as “cheery castle” and referring to a 8th century Moorish stronghold sitting on the highest point of Iznajar.

Adjacent to the fortress are the former granary building today harboring the local public library and the church Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol. These three structures give Iznajar its distinctive skyline. However these monuments are not the only attractions in this beautiful town possessing a number of dreamy palces and architectural gems.

It is recommendable to visit the “Patio de las Comedias”, the “Ermita de la Virgen de la Piedad” and “Casa de las Columnas”. Worthwhile is a hike to one of the many overlooks providing wonderful views over Iznajar, the lake and the surrounding olive groves.

Hundreds of years of history lead to certain local customs and traditions shaping the rich cultural heritage in town. Iznajar’s tourist office has several exhibition rooms dedicated to these local conventions.

Today Iznajar is not only a favorite destination for visitors. The town has many inhabitants from Northern and Western Europe who decided to move here in order to settle away from stress and daily routine. While half of the population lives in Iznajar’s town center, the rest is scattered over 20 built-up areas and single properties in the surroundings.

Municipality of Iznajar

C/ Julio Burell 17
14970 Iznájar (Córdoba)
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 53 41 53
Fax: (+34) 957 – 53 40 64
Email: ayuntamiento@iznajar.es
Web: www.iznajar.es

Tourist Office
C/ Julio Burell 19
14970 Iznájar (Córdoba)
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 53 44 79
Mobile: (+34) 647 – 49 22 34
Email: turismo@iznajar.es
Web: www.turismodeiznajar.es

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