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Casa de las Cabezas - Patio de Leyendas
(House of Heads)


Monday - Sunday
10 am - 8 pm

Open every day.


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Kids under 11 years are free.
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Found in the oldest part of Cordoba, the so-called House of Heads (Casa de las Cabezas) invites its visitor to a journey back to the Middle Ages. The property has four different areas that show how an aristocratic family used to live at that time.

The visitation begins in the cellar vault and then goes through four patios to the various rooms and kitchen of the house.

The cellar harbors what was thought to be a water basin from Roman time. However new research led to the conclusion that the basin must have been a Medieval mikveh, a bath used for ritual immersion in Judaism.

This perception is backed by the fact, that in the 16th century the building was home to converted Jews who were accused of continuing to practice their religion and put to death after Spain’s largest inquisition trial ever.

Casa de las Cabezas is notable for a resting place then exclusively dedicated to women. Covered with richly adorned damask carpets and other classy fabrics, these pedestals were places where women used to rest until the 18th century, while men used to use chairs and stools. The resting place here at Casa de las Cabezas is one of only a few still to exist.

Adjacent to the house, there is a small lane overstretched by seven arches. This lane, as well as the house itself, is the scene of one of Cordoba’s most hair-raising myths: the legende of the seven infantes of Lara.

Legend has it that the mansion was a stronghold of Almanzor who held nobleman Gonzalo Gustioz captive here. His seven sonsbrave knights, known as the seven infantes of Lara, were killed in an ambush while trying to free him. Their heads were speared in the lane - one head per arch. To date the lane is named hereafter Calle Cabezas (Lane of Heads).

Location and contact
Casa de las Cabezas
C/ Cabezas 18
14003 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 857 80 62 36

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