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Balconies and Window Grilles Contest 2022

On the occasion of the Patio Fest, there is another contest bringing the beauty of splendid flowerage to the streets of Cordoba’s historic district:

The annual Balconies and Window Grilles Contest. This tradition is another highlight among major activities accounting for the so-called Mayo cordobés (May in Cordoba), which is probably the best time to visit the city.

The contest is dedicated to choosing the most beautifully adorned balcony and window grille, as the case may be. Literally offering a sea of flowers and providing an awesome contrast to the white-washed walls, these balconies and grilles are favorite photo scenes for shutterbugs and professional photographers. So make sure to bring your camera and take pictures of these floral gems.





3 - 15 May 2022


Balconies and window grilles in Cordoba’s historic district


List of participants


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